The Bunting Basket - Quality Bunting Guaranteed

The Bunting Basket is a start-up business dedicated to producing what we believe to be the best quality bunting you can find.  The business started at my kitchen table when I made a string of bunting for my grandson's christening and we used it to decorate a rather bland church room where we celebrated the joyous occasion.  Many friends commented on the bunting and asked if I could make a string for them.  From this The Bunting Basket was born.

We only produce bunting but there is plenty of choice.  All of our bunting is hand made using 100% cotton fabric.  Our original strings are nine pennants made from our own unique template and using carefully selected fabric colours for a perfect result.  We also make smaller pennants which we call BB Mini's, these are fourteen pennants long and here the emphasis is on fabric choice designed to be both contemporary and cute.  We use embroidery in our Emotions and Celebrations range where a few words say so much.  Finally we offer our bespoke service where you are involved in the design process to capture that unique bunting for special occasion's such as anniversaries, birthdays, weddings and christenings.

We run our business from Hampshire and Cornwall and we have been operating for over two years.  This is our first online shop opening up our bunting to a wider audience.